Old East Davis residents support infill and densification projects

Over the past 12 years – approximately 12 development and re-development projects have been completed or are under construction in Old East Davis. Many of these projects have been in-fill projects adding new buildings to our neighborhood and all of these projects have increased density.

All of these projects – with one exception – conformed to the Design Guidelines and that exception had the approval and support of the neighborhood.

And all of these projects have increased revenue to the city through permit and building fees and parcel re-assessment (due to the scope of the project or a transfer of title). And they have done so without degrading our neighborhood – in fact, they have improved it.

Indeed – Old East Davis is a model for good city planning.

The neighborhood has continually changed and evolved. It has densified, created in-fill and added to city coffers – all while preserving its character – historic buildings and the feel of Davis that both residents and visitors love.

Old East Davis has grown and changed without losing its soul and by adhering to the Design Guidelines. The Design Guidelines work and Old East Davis has proved it.  Their position has always been, and continues to be, that the residents of Old East Davis welcome redevelopment as long as it conforms to the Design Guidelines.

Residents are asking that developers respect and the City Council enforce the existing ordinances, zoning and design guidelines for any new projects.

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