Old East Davis Neighborhood Association

  1. Name. The name of this association is Old East Davis Neighborhood Association, (Association or OEDNA). It is an unincorporated association established on October 22, 2000.

  2. Objectives. The objectives of this Association shall include:

    1. To protect and promote the best interests of the residents of the Old East Davis Neighborhood (Neighborhood);

    2. To promote and strive for the improvement and betterment of all public facilities and services within the Neighborhood;

    3. To promote and encourage a better community and civic spirit;

    4. To foster goodwill and friendship within the Neighborhood;

    5. To cooperate with government officials and with other civic and public organizations for the general welfare of the Neighborhood and the entire community of Davis.

  3. Area: The area to be covered and encompassed by the activities of this Association shall be bounded on the east by L Street, on the south by the Union Pacific Railroad tracks, on the west by the California Northern Railroad tracks, and on the north extending through the 600 block of City of Davis parcel addresses contained within the east, south and west boundaries stated above.

    This describes the area of Old East Davis outlined on the map shown on page 4 of the Davis Downtown and Traditional Residential Neighborhoods (DDTRN) Design Guidelines (2007). The City of Davis Municipal Code section 40.13A defines the purpose of the Downtown and Traditional Neighborhood Overlay District; defines the area of applicability of the DDTRN Design Guidelines; and defines the responsibilities of City of Davis staff, City commissions and Council Members with regard to application of the Design Guidelines.

  4. Membership.

    1. Membership is available to any person whose primary residence– as defined for mortgage and Federal tax purposes—is within the Area of Old East Davis described in section 3. Persons whose primary residence is not within the Area of Old East Davis may be granted membership by consensus of the Board of Directors, if the Board deems that such Persons will advance the Objectives of OEDNA stated in section 2.

    2. Every member shall be eligible to vote on all matters affecting this Association and shall be entitled to all membership privileges therein.

    3. One member, one vote. Each member shall have one vote. No member shall cast more than one vote in an election or other vote.

    4. Revocation of membership. A neighbor’s membership may be revoked by consensus of the Board of Directors, if the Board deems that the neighbor’s behaviors and actions contradict one or more of the Objectives stated in section 2. A neighbor whose membership is revoked may petition the Board in writing to have his or her membership restored after a period of one year after revocation.

  5. Dues. The annual dues of each member of this association shall be $10 dollars per year. No one eligible for membership shall be excluded for lack of funds.

  6. Fiscal Year. The fiscal year of this Association shall commence on the 1st day of October and end on the 30th day of September.

  7. Association Meetings.

    1. An annual meeting shall be held for the election of Directors and officers of this Association. The annual meeting is typically held in the fall, but the timing may be adjusted by consensus of the Board of Directors to accommodate scheduling conflicts or other needs deemed relevant by the Board of Directors.

    2. Special Meetings shall be called by the President whenever he/she shall deem the same necessary or whenever he/she shall be called upon to do so by three members of the Board of Directors. Special meetings shall be open to the Association unless otherwise specified.

    3. Notices of such meetings shall be in writing given or e-mailed to each member. Notice for the Annual meeting shall be provided no less than 10 (ten) days before nor more than 30 (thirty) days before the date set for the meeting. Notice for any meeting where a decision by the Association will be made shall be provided not less than 3 (three) days nor more than 14 (fourteen) days before the date set for any such meeting.

    4. All notices of any special meeting shall state the purpose of the meeting.

    5. A quorum of all Association meetings shall consist of at least 10 (ten) members in good standing. Voting thereat shall be by a majority vote cast in person. Remote, real-time participation may be allowed at the discretion of the Board.

  8. Governance

    1. Directors. The affairs and business of this Association shall be managed by a board of 5 (five) or 7 (seven) Directors, including the Officers of the Association. Officers and Directors shall be members of the Association and shall be elected at the annual meeting by a plurality vote of the members present thereat. Such Directors shall serve for the ensuing year or until their successors have been elected and qualified.

    2. Residency requirement for Directors. Officers and Directors shall be persons whose primary residence is contained within the Area of the Old East Davis neighborhood defined in section 3 above.

    3. Special or regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be called by the President whenever he/she deems them necessary or whenever she/he is called upon to do so by two of the Directors.

    4. Decision making. For the purposes of neighborhood unity, decision by consensus (unanimous agreement or lack of dissent) shall be the objective. For matters where consensus is not possible, but a decision must be made, a vote shall be taken. The decision to call for a vote and the required proportion for agreement on the decision at hand shall be at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

  9. Officers. The officers of this Association shall be 3 (three) in number: a President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.

    1. The President shall be the Chief executive of the duty of supervising all the Association, charged with the orders of the Board of Directors. He/She shall be ex-officio member of all committees.

    2. In the President’s absence, he/she shall designate an alternate member of the Board to perform the duties of the President for the specified period of his/her absence. In the event of the President’s inability to act, the Board shall agree on an alternate.

    3. The Secretary shall make a record of decisions and key discussions of all noticed Board, Association, and special meetings, and shall make the meeting records available upon request; and shall discharge such other duties as may be assigned to him/her by the Board of Directors or the President.

    4. The Treasurer shall collect all membership dues and shall have the care and custody of all the funds and property of this Association, which shall be disbursed by her/him only upon the order of the Board of Directors. She/He shall submit a report for the preceding year at the annual meeting and shall render special reports whenever requested to do so by the Board of Directors. He/she shall deposit all funds in the name of the Association in such bank or banks as may be designated by the Board of Directors.

    5. Directors who are not elected as officers shall serve as at-large members to further the purposes of the Association and to support the administrative functions of the Association; and shall discharge such other duties as may be assigned to him/her by the Board of Directors or the President.

    6. Any Director may be removed from office, with cause, by consensus of the other Directors.

    7. Should any vacancy occur by resignation, or otherwise, the same shall be filled without undue delay by a majority of the Board.

  10. Committees. Committees shall be designated and appointed by the President as may be required.

  11. The bylaws of this Association may be amended or revised by the Board of Directors by consensus of all Directors, or by the affirmative vote (a majority) of the members present at the annual meeting or at any regular or special meeting, provided that the notice of any such meeting contains a summary of the proposed amendment or amendments.

Dated November 19, 2017.