Help Davis grow sensibly without losing its soul.

Come to the City Council hearing on the Trackside project or email the council members at and tell them you would only support a Trackside proposal that conforms to City of Davis policies and ordinances. Read further to see a sample of a conforming project and a sample letter at the bottom of this page.

The Davis City Council could approve the massive, 4-story version of the Trackside Center mixed-use project on Tuesday, November 14. It would be the largest mixed-use building in Davis, setting a precedent for future growth and it does not follow applicable zoning or planning documents. It would also overwhelm small, one-story homes in Old East Davis, permanently harming the neighborhood’s landscape and character, and creating a “wall–effect” that the existing zoning would avoid.

All it takes is three Council votes to change the existing rules. This is planning by exception or spot zoning.

If it can happen in historic Old East Davis, it can happen in any neighborhood — even yours.

Stand up for City Zoning Rules! Davis has responsible land-use plans—let’s stick to them!

Trackside 3.0 Conforming Project


Trackside 3.0 achieves:

* Mass and scale consistent with the Design Guidelines;

* Floor area ratio of 1.5 consistent with mixed-use zoning;

* The same amount of commercial/retail space as the Trackside Partners proposal;

* Increased housing near downtown;

* Surpasses the Sacramento Area Council of Governments’ goals for density near the railroad station;

* Significantly reduces impacts to adjacent single-story homes; and

* Creates a careful transition from a traditional historic neighborhood to the downtown core.

The neighborhood association’s proposal is still a very large building: It has 45 percent more square footage than the four-story Chen building at Second and G streets, and it is larger than The Lofts on E Street, the largest mixed-use residential building in the downtown core.

The Chen Building and The Lofts are both economically viable, suggesting that the association’s proposed building also will “pencil out.”

See full blog here.


Sample Letter to Council Members

Dear Mayor Davis, Councilmember Lee, Councilmember Arnold, Councilmember Frerichs,  and Councilmember Swanson,

I believe that development should comply with existing zoning and laws. Please approve only a Trackside proposal which adheres to the current zoning and design guidelines, such as the plan presented to City Council at the August 29, 2017, public comment period. The current proposal, “Trackside 2.0” does not do so.

This new proposal, “Trackside 3.0”, is mixed-use, multi-story, and – perhaps most importantly – makes a careful transition between a traditional residential neighborhood and the downtown core – a stated principal in every City of Davis planning document.

It is all these things and it is consistent with the Design Guidelines and existing zoning in principal and in objective, measurable ways. Additionally, it exceeds densification goals set by SACOG without exceeding Davis’ densification goals set out in our citizen-developed general plan.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.


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