What We Do

The Old East Davis Neighborhood Association originally started in 1987 and was called the Old East Davis Preservation Society at the time. Today it includes both home owners and renters from the neighborhood and exists for the following purposes:

  • Preserve our Historic Homes

  • Create Community

  • Facilitate Communication

  • Address Neighborhood Issues

We protect and preserve our historic homes by advising on development plans as they relate to the Davis Downtown and Traditional Residential Neighborhoods Design Guidelines and representing the neighborhood at relevant meetings such as the City Council, City Planning and Historical Resources Management Commission. We support mixed-use densification projects, neighborhood preservation and community-based planning.

We create community by hosting our annual Neighbors Day Out event (potluck and street party) and other fun neighborhood events as well as regular neighborhood association meetings.

We facilitate communication between the neighbors by creating and maintaining a postal mailing list, an email list, a Facebook page, and a website and by regularly informing the neighbors through these communication channels about relevant issues to the neighborhood as well as the date, time and location of our events and meetings.

We address issues that affect the entire neighborhood such as safety, parking, traffic, street lights, and noise by bringing these issues to the appropriate groups and promoting remedies and change as needed.

We hold regular meetings and each year a board of directors is elected.

To help us continue these efforts, please join us!

We’ll keep you informed about our meetings and events and hope to see you at one of them.