Wildlife and Trees of Old East Davis

Old East Davis is full of many interesting birds and other wildlife as well as three landmark trees and other notable trees and shrubs.

Birds and Wildlife

Here are a few of the most common birds in Old East Davis:

Photos courtesy of Beth Savidge, Amateur Nature Photographer.

See Ed Whisler’s, wildlife biologist, detailed report of birds and other wildlife in Old East Davis here.


Trees, Landmark Trees and Shrubs

Old East Davis is home to three landmark trees that are protected by the City of Davis.

Trees that may qualify for Landmark Tree designation need to have one or more of the following qualities

  • The tree is an outstanding specimen of a tree species

  • The tree is one of the largest or oldest trees in Davis

  • The tree is of historical interest

  • The tree is an unusual species, a significant grove, or otherwise unique

Our landmark trees include the following:

For a detailed report of other trees and shrubs in Old East Davis, see Ed Whisler’s, wildlife biologist, report here.

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